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Stage Blood - External Use

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Consumable Versions Coming Soon!

Our own, in house blended stage blood specifically made to be used as a permanent special effect on props and clothing when used properly.  This product can also be used on skin, as it is non-toxic but will temporarily stain the skin.  This blood is to be used EXTERNALLY ONLY.  Directions for proper use are included with this item as well as down below.  More sizes to come shortly.

Directions for use on props:

1. Shake well 

2. Apply to prop directly using dripper tip, or foam brush using a dabbing technique

3. To achieve runs, add extra to the starting point, and hold prop vertical until length of run desired is achieved.

4. Use hair dryer on medium heat setting at medium to high speed setting and blow dry blood for 3-5 minutes or until blood begins to "coagulate."  On runs or drips use low heat/cool setting along with low speed and increase time to avoid altering the natural path of the blood.

5. Use an enamel based clear coat of your choice(flat, satin, or gloss depending on the finish of the prop) and apply 2 to 3 even coats over the surface.  Apply clear when blood is dry to the touch, coating as soon as blood is dry to the touch will retain the bloods 3 dimensional look.  Coating after blood has dried throughout will yield a more 2 dimensional effect.

Directions for use on clothing or skin:

1. Shake well

2. Apply to desired area using dripper tip or foam brush(or any application method of your choosing)

3. Using a blow dryer, blow dry the applied area using a medium to high speed setting with medium to low heat.  For runs or drips use the low speed and low heat setting until blood is fully dried(approximately 3 to 5 minutes)

***Washing clothing with blood will change color and effect of blood and may remove it in general.  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, do not use in mouth or in or around eyes.