2016 2017 2018 Honda Civic 10th Gen Black Honeycomb Mesh Grille Type R

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This gloss black mesh grille will look amazing on the front of your 10th gen civic!  Not only does it look great, it also serves a very important purpose of getting more air into your engine bay.  We all know these cars run hot, so any way you can make it a bit cooler is a win, combine that with the added styling and you can't go wrong with this grill.  The stock grille has that huge solid bar going across which keeps a ton of air from entering your radiator and engine bay, open it up, cool it off and turn heads.  There are many grilles available, but this is by far our personal favorite since you can keep rockin' that front H, especially if you've already dropped 50 bucks for that sweet OEM Type R front emblem!  Made of durable ABS plastic, this will hold up for years to come!  Included is the center mesh grille, drivers side headlight eyebrow, and passenger side headlight eyebrow.


***Please allow up to 30 days for manufacturing and delivery of this... It's worth the wait, we promise!