3/8" Blast Cabinet Air Regulator

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This listing is for a 3/8" air regulator designed specifically for Harbor Freight style blast cabinets as well as any other blast cabinets with 90 degree mild steel legs as shown in the pictures.  This modification requires a 1-5/8" to be placed in one leg at your own desired height and allows easy adjustment of airflow into your cabinet.  This modification also allows easier reading of regulated air due to a better angle of the gauge which reduces back strain and fatigue when monitoring desired air pressure.  This regulator comes with reducing bushings to also accept 1/4" air lines.  

These style regulators are available from other companies as part of a pretty expensive kit, however, not everyone needs the entire contents of those kits which is why we want to provide this as a single item upgrade.  If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message! 

This is for the regulator only and no airlines or anything else seen in pictures.  

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